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Welcome to our restaurant, where passion for cuisine meets gastronomic creativity. Our menu is a true symphony of flavors, showcasing a bold fusion of international cuisines and reimagined traditional dishes. Each dish is carefully crafted with fresh, local ingredients, and our team of talented chefs endeavors to offer you an unforgettable culinary experience with every visit. Discover the harmony of tastes and textures that make our restaurant a delightful haven for food enthusiasts.


Duck foie gras, red onion jam or Duck foie gras with rum and raisin 22.-

Lobster and spinach ravioli, saffron butter 20.-

Saint-Jacques and vegetable hot air balloon, crustacean sauce with champagne 13.-

Duck gizzard salad, lentils, sweet and sour sauce, pine nuts 18.-

Mesclun salad with seeds, Meinier apple juice vinaigrette  12.-

 Small green salad  9.-


Angus rib steak, oyster mushroom sauce 46.-

Beef Fillet, morel sauce 49.-

Rossini beef fillet 55.-.

Lamb shank, rich meat juice, sweet potato puree and vegetables 42.-

Casserole of kidney and sweetbread, mushrooms, peanut butter sauce, parsnip and Jerusalem artichoke puree 39.-

Rump steak, Maître d’hôtel butter 44.-

Origin of meats : Swiss or European Union


Frog Legs, garlic and parsley butter 39.-

Perch Fillet from Lake Geneva, Meunière style 47.-
Or saffron sauce 49.-

Cod fillet, white butter sauce 42.-

Saffron scallops, risotto and black truffle shavings 42.-

Arctic char fillet, wild garlic sauce 42.-

Salmon steak in gingerbread crust, maple syrup and soy sauce 42.-

vegetarian dishes

Currently changing …00.-

Currently changing… 00.-


Indulge in a delightful break with us :
relish our exquisite desserts for an unforgettable sweet experience. Come and savor !

Lemon cream, Speculoos biscuit, meringue 12.-

Mango tart tatin, persimmon coulis and Madagascar vanilla whipped cream 12.-

Molten chocolate cake, Hazelnut ice cream 13.-

Crepes filled with orange cream, syrup white martini 15.-

Panacotta with island flavors, passion fruit, coconut, pineapple 13.-

Homemade tiramisu, island essences 13.-

Gourmet coffee 15.-

Let’s not forget, we also offer a variety of artisanal ice creams
to refresh you and satisfy your frozen passion.

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