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Swiss and Local Restaurant, a true haven of flavors in the heart of Switzerland. Our passion for authentic cuisine reflects in every dish, showcasing the delights of our region. Discover the essence of Switzerland in every bite.


Our Swiss local restaurant boasts several essential strengths. Firstly, our prime location in the heart of Switzerland, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, grants us access to an abundance of fresh, local ingredients, resulting in exceptional quality dishes. Moreover, our team of talented chefs strives to showcase the richness of our traditional Swiss cuisine. They’re fueled by an unwavering passion for authentic recipes. Each dish is meticulously prepared to offer a memorable culinary experience. Finally, our Swiss local restaurant aims to be a warm, welcoming place where our guests feel at home. We take pride in delivering exceptional service, making each meal a unique experience.

We invite you to discover and savor the essence of Switzerland in every bite, and join us in celebrating the passion for local, authentic cuisine.

special features

Among our standout features, we proudly boast an exceptional game menu during the hunting season. Our team of talented chefs excels in crafting dishes using game meat, highlighting the rich and unique flavors that Swiss nature offers. Each hunting season, we work closely with local hunters to ensure the freshness and quality of our ingredients.

Food enthusiasts travel from afar to relish our original creations, ranging from delicate stews to succulent grills. Our game menu is a true celebration of Swiss tradition and a passion for gastronomy—an unmatched culinary experience you won’t find elsewhere.

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Yaneth Rubio
Yaneth Rubio
Très très bonne découverte. Prix raisonnable.
Pierre-Henri THEVENOZ
Pierre-Henri THEVENOZ
Expérience à confirmer Bonne base
Raymonde Malfoy
Raymonde Malfoy
Cuisine excellente, personnel au top , restaurant très cosy. A découvrir absolument.
ophelie malfoy
ophelie malfoy
Cuisine délicieuse dans un cadre idyllique !!! Le service est impeccable, souriantes et disponibles, merci beaucoup. Je recommande à 100%!!!
Célia Lobo
Célia Lobo
La cuisine est délicieuse, l’équipe est charismatique et très agréable, le lieu est plein de charme, je recommande sans hésiter !!
Éole Wind
Éole Wind
Plats et vins de région dans cadre authentique. Service agréable et sympathique.

If you’re a game enthusiast or simply curious about these seasonal delights, our Swiss local restaurant is the perfect place to savor unique and memorable dishes during the hunting season. Join us for an exceptional culinary experience that will transport you to the heart of Swiss nature.

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